Spring, Conferences and Podcasts

Well now that spring is coming, I think we are going to start seeing a lot more UAS use. Not just in general but also in public safety. It’s time for us all to start buckling down and getting our programs together. The NFPA is working on guidance.  The FAA is evolving how we can use UASs on the scene by evolving the e-COA into the SGI aka “Special Government Interest”.  It is going to be exciting times for all.

So with all this change abound, it might be good to reflect on the last few months. First, Keenan got to attend the nations first Public Safety UAS conference. (Click here for a recap).

At this conference we learned a lot.  How other agencies are running their programs, changes to FAA regulations and policies, and of course new tech. Keenan was also interviews on the AskDroneU podcast which can be viewed here.

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DroneU is a drone school that focuses on everything from showing beginners the basics to more advanced scenarios.  For them public safety is a new space as their focus has been on commercial applications.  However, they have tapped me to help them build their public safety arm.  What I think makes DroneU special is that you don’t only get a online training courses, but they have a community of folks that are willing to help each other out. This community doesn’t suffer from the normal noise of other forums.  The content is precise, direct and informative. DroneU is admittedly a for profit organization, however unlike other schools where can spend thousands.  This one has a no commitment subscription.  As well as reasonable in person training. Being in the fire service I have seen first hand how some organizations charge a lot for very little.  I promise you as I build this public safety program with DroneU, you will get the best value out of your dollars.